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Known as one of the most spectacular Blue Holes in Vanuatu, the Nanda Blue Hole, also called Jacquie's Blue Hole is named after the friendly land owner Jacquie and his family. The family wish to share this amazing wonder of nature with those visiting the island of Santo.

The Nanda Blue Hole features a magical crystal blue water hole surround by natural green forest. Built around the blue hole is a large bungalow, bar, boardwalk and picnic area for day trippers

For thrill seekers a wooden water slide, rope and swing platform have been incorporated around the blue hole.

The facilities at Nanda Blue Hole can cater for individuals up to 100+ visitors at a time.

Entry Fee - 500vuv per person (about AUD$5) - Includes a complimentry coconut to drink.


How Blue Holes are Formed In Santo

The Western half of the island of Santo features a large and high volcanic mountain range, whilst the eastern half has more flat terrain with limestone on top of volcanic rock. When it rains the water from the mountains flow underground into the limestone caves towards the east corroding the limestone to create underground streams. The streams resurge back to the surface in coastal areas creating fresh water springs.

Some of the water surfaces to form small ponds of water, closer to the coast the water can spring up to create deep circular ponds that run to the ocean.

What makes Blue Holes so 'blue'?

Water in nature owes its blueness to the absorption of red in the colour spectrum. The deeper and more pure the water, the bluer the water will appear to be.

As the water in a blue hole is filtered underground through limestone it becomes close to pure. This combined with the depth of each blue hole, create the luminous blue colour.

The Nanda Blue Hole is one of the most bluest in Vanuatu due to the strong flow or pure water from its spring and the depth of the water. As the spring water flows down stream it becomes less pure and the water depth become more shallow, this results in the water becoming less blue the further you venture down the river.


Importance of Blue Holes

The blue holes are an important source of fresh water for local villages along the east coast of Santo. They also provide a habitat for many special of plants and animals, some being unique to blue hole. The very rare Freshwater Hermit Crab, Clibanarius fonticola, are not found anywhere else in the world except for the Nanda and another nearby blue hole.

Blue Holes also play an important role in attracting tourist to Vanuatu for swimming, kayaking, sightseeing and recreation. Blue Hole landowners have the opportunity to create a tourist attraction and generate an income by sharing their piece of paradise.

For more information on blue holes in Santo download an extract from the book 'The Natural History of Santo'.


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